Samurais (7 to 11 years)

Our Samurai program contains fitness & strength training, uses Kicking and Punching Drill work and combinations, as well as self-defence to bring a fast fun class to our students, but still retaining the magic parent, teacher, instructor triangle and important life skills.

Samurais will also start to learn

A sequence of prearranged moves performed against an imaginary opponent with 19 to 72 movements there are 24 patterns to learn.

Sparring is light contact and with special protective safety equipment, sparring increases stamina, and reflexes as well as getting use to a moving opponent that can hit back unlike a pad.

Power Breaking
Power breaking allows students to test their power and precision with out having to hurt fellow students, and also build confidence knowing that their techniques will work.

Special Technique
Special Technique, normally involves flying or jumping and executing single or multiple techniques in the air, whilst hitting pads or braking boards for demonstrations.

Self Defence
We teach two forms of self defence passive non aggressive to simply evade and escape ideal for school but also full on self defence allowing students to put a stop to any one trying to hurt them.

However, like in Kubz, our Samurais programme teaches more than just Martial Arts. It incorporates important life skills for the children to develop including; effective communication skills, building confidence, instilling discipline, teamwork and leadership, anti-bullying methods, stranger awareness and safety skills, how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and the differences between right and wrong.

The Samurai’s programme follows the same grading structure as adult Taekwon-Do:

We have worked very hard to build a family spirit, all the students care about each other and support each other in and out of the Whitburn Martial Arts Centre. This has had fantastic benefits to all the students making them very confident in the local schools and being avoided by the local bullies in and out of school. It has also been the avenue for some very shy children and Adults to come out and really excel themselves.

Learn From The Experts

All instructors have been Enhanced Disclosure Scotland vetted, have First Aid Course training, attend regular Instructor courses.

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