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"Hi, my 6 year old son has started Taekwondo at Whitburn Martial arts centre, and in my opinion, it is a fantastic set up. Mr Dowden manages to fuse traditional Taekwondo techniques with modern day health and social wellness for the kids. His method of teaching is exceptional, you can clearly see he has a passion to help shape young kids into responsible and healthy children. He manages this in a disciplined but fun and engaging way! Worth every penny. Steve."
Stephen Wilson
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"My son, Aaron, attends Kubz. He has only attended for 3 weeks and ant count to 10 in Korean. He loves the class and the discipline is good. He is only 4 and loves every minute of it. I love the values that the team teach the children right from thethe word go! From a very young age the students are encouraged to be mindful of others, have respect for each other, themselves and are continually reminded on how to behave when they are given instructions by teachers and parents. They are also taught how to behave when approached by a stranger and how to act when they see someone being mean. All this on top of developing skills in Taekwondo. Could not be happier with the quality of lessons from Ashley and his amazing team of instructors and leaders. Well done team!"
Heather Dow
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    Google Reviews

    • 5 star review  It is a fabulous place for kids, who want to develop their skills in martial art. All staff of whit burn martial art center is very supportive and friendly with kids. Mr. Dowden is a fantastic teacher and also a very good person.

      thumb Parveen Saini

      5 star review  Great place to start the journey. Brilliant teaching, brilliant program, my son counts the hours until the next session.

      thumb Donald John

      5 star review  Burn martial art center is a fabulous martial art training institute. Management of this institute is great and Mr. Dowden is a very polite and supportive person. He always encourages kids to improve their skills and maintains fitness.

      thumb parv saini
    • 5 star review  Mr. Dowden is a fantastic person I have met, great with kids and so friendly. Whitburn martial arts center is a great institution, I would love to continue with him.

      thumb Nabaday Halder

      5 star review  Not only do the kids learn taekwondo they also learn personal safety , team work,respect and discipline. It’s wonderful for their self esteem and the 1st rule of Kubz is to be nice and kind. That in itself is a great thing to learn. Also if they do well at school they get a stamp in their book as a reward. Again a great thing to encourage them to do well at school too.

      thumb Elaine Mearns

      5 star review  Whitburn martial art center is a fabulous martial art training institute.Mr. Dowden is a very polite and supportive person. He always encourages kids to improve their skills and maintains fitness.

      thumb parv saini
    • 5 star review  I’ve been training at this school for a few years now and the environment is amazing. Mr Dowden is an amazing teacher who gives help with both your technique and confidence. The entire school offers a friendly and fun environment to train and will always over help either from the teacher or the senior graded students. Couldn’t give this place enough praise, fantastic

      thumb Jamie Mcgill

      5 star review  I have joined the school with my older daughter a few years back now. My youngest has joined also for the last 2 years. It is a disciplined but safe and friendly environment. I would recommend it not only if you wish to do martial arts for yourself or your child but also f you are looking for a joint parent-child training and having fun experience.

      thumb Panagiotis Patsilinacos


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