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    12 years +
    Monday & Wednesday 19:15 – 20:45
    Tuesday & Thursday 19:15 - 20:15
    Friday 18:00 to 19:00
    Saturday 11:00 to 12:00

    Monday & Wednesday 09:30 – 10:30

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    Taekwon-Do (12 years +)​

    Taekwondo was created in 1955 by a Korean Army General named Choi Hong Hi, it is the worlds most powerful Martial Art originally used by the White Tiger Special forces, and the US Army at West Point, after the Korean and Vietnam war many armed service personal brought this Martial Art back with them, and it soon became the worlds most practiced Martial Art, Grand Master Rhee introduced Taekwondo to the UK in 1967 after many Royal Air Force personal petitioned Korea to send a Instructor. Genuine Taekwondo is a very effective form of self defence for all ages and all sizes. In our classes you will learn a multitude of techniques that include Punches, Kicks, Elbows, Knees, Grabs, Locks, Releases, Sweeps, Take Downs, Control and Restraints. Taekwondo is not just the No 1 Martial Art in the world but is also a great way to get fit due to the high burn rate of calories per training session.

    Classes For Everyone

    We have worked very hard to build a family spirit at Dowden’s Martial Arts, all the students care about each other and support each other in and out of the Centre. This has had fantastic benefits to all the students making them very confident in the local schools and being avoided by the local bullies in and out of school. It has also been the avenue for some very shy children and Adults to come out and really excel themselves.

    Learn From The Experts

    All instructors have been Enhanced Disclosure Scotland vetted, have First Aid Course training, attend regular Instructor courses, as well as ITF international Instructor courses and ITF technical seminars.


    • Great place to start the journey. Brilliant teaching, brilliant program, my son counts the hours until the next session.

      thumb Donald John

      I have joined the school with my older daughter a few years back now. My youngest has joined also for the last 2 years. It is a disciplined but safe and friendly environment. I would recommend it not only if you wish to do martial arts for yourself or your child but also f you are looking for a joint parent-child training and having fun experience.

      thumb Panagiotis Patsilinacos

      Joined a few months ago found everyone in the class very welcoming. My son has also joined and has made many new friends. The teacher Mr Dowden is pleasant and is dedicated to helping each invidual and helps them achieve there goals.

      thumb lisa mcgarry
    • Went with 2 granddaughters for one of the free cub sessions. They really enjoyed it. Can see how attending these classes will encourage positive behaviour and bring confidence to the children. Fantastic

      thumb Lynne Easton

      I've been training at this school for a few years now and the environment is amazing. Mr Dowden is an amazing teacher who gives help with both your technique and confidence. The entire school offers a friendly and fun environment to train and will always over help either from the teacher or the senior graded students. Couldn't give this place enough praise, fantastic

      thumb Jamie Mcgill

      Not only do the kids learn taekwondo they also learn personal safety , team work,respect and discipline. It's wonderful for their self esteem and the 1st rule of Kubz is to be nice and kind. That in itself is a great thing to learn. Also if they do well at school they get a stamp in their book as a reward. Again a great thing to encourage them to do well at school too.

      thumb Elaine Mearns



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